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Sunday, October 09, 2005


I appologised, I stopped blogging. They kept blogging and bitching, tensions rose again. I'll blog again.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Clearing Things Up

Well, several things must be cleared up. Mei_Ikari was GMC Military Arms, a NationStates moderator. Of course, I did not know that until it was too late. He did say he was GMC Military Arms, but would you trust it? Let me put it this way. If someone calls you up and criticizes your work with a false statement, would you then believe that they were a senator? Well, anyways I'm sorry for threatening him, but you might have done the same thing if you were in my position. And that "hidden flame" was done before I appoligized, so I understand that it wasn't really Scolopendra's fault. And now that things are cleared up, I can get back to my blog.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Hidden Flame

If you are reading this message, quickly do what I am telling so you realize it because soon it might be removed. I was already appologizing to everyone. Of course, Scolopendra (who banned me from #NationStates, btw) did something that outraged me! A mod flamed.

If you do, "define: flaming" on a Google search, one of the definitions is this:

Writing crude messages to provoke responses, especially in e-mail, listserv, and chat room messages.
What Scolopendra did was flaming. After I had appoligized, I noticed something happened in this thread which a search showed, but actually being there vanished. Under the EsperNet channels listing, there is a white line and then comes Uplink. If you select that seemingly blank line, though, you get the following message:

#nationstates2 : Nanakaland's secret channel for NS2 users only
Or without coding:
#nationstates2 : Nanakaland's secret channel for NS2 users
Which by that definition of flaming is very much a flame. Another definition of flaming is:

The act of calling into question someone's thoughts, beliefs, and parentage simply because you don't agree with them. Don't do it.
So Scolo pretty much disagreed with me so he decided to embarrass and/or anger me. And I had truely appologized. I had said there was no mafia. There might be no NationStates mafia, but then that makes Scolo just plain a bully. Something must be done! Who knows how many people he has taunted before?

Oh. And how did I know that it was Scolo?

Last edited by Scolopendra : 23-02-2005 at 11:37 PM.
Obvious enough, eh?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I am sorry. I got a little carried away with this "NS Mafia" thing. It probably does not exist. Most people attacked by them have a genuine reason to be attacked. I'm sorry about making up things about Nathi and Scolo. I am truely sorry. I am not sorry about Mei_Ikari for he attacked me. Though I am sorry about threatening Mei_Ikari, who has no association with any "NS Mafia."

I am truely sorry about using my blog as a weapon to attack people who play NationStates and spread rumors. It will not happen again. The question is: Did I go too far as not to be redemable? Only time will tell...

Monday, February 21, 2005

How the NS Mafia Works

I, tired of not being listed in the NationStates IRC listings thread, posted:

I demand that #NationStates2 be added to this list! With a channel record of 16, it is more active than almost all of the channels on this list (except #NationStates_General, #NationStates, and sometimes #SirisTemple). And #NationStates_Diplomacy hasn't been used in months and is no longer registered. Please remove that.
Dread Lady Nathicana replied:
Maybe if you tried asking nicely first, Nanaka? Just a thought.
Of course, I did try asking nicely first, months ago and was pretty much ignored. The NationStatas mafia disregards facts, of course. You can see my reply to them if you really want. That doesn't really matter. The point is, the NationStates Mafia now has me as a target. This group of elitist moderators and friends of moderators do everything they can to stop those they don't like and/or those who are close to exposing them.

This is simply proof that the NS Mafia exists. They are more than a clique - they are much more dangerous. They want to be the best on NationStates while belittling others. Of course they wouldn't want an IRC channel by Nanakaland on the listings even though there are much smaller, more inactive channels on that listing.

Compare this to what happened to Allanea. He was ignored for a reason he took back. Did they unignore him? No. They use reasons that make no sense and make them seem hipocrytical. Why? They have alternative reasons. Everytime someone popular with conflicting ideals or they just don't plain like, they try to find ways to destroy them - to make them quit NationStates.

I will not do this, though. The NationStates Mafia took down Allanea and countless others, but they will not make me leave NationStates! The NationStates Mafia must be exposed! It exists! Tell others about it before you too become a target! Tell others about this blog! If the NationStates Mafia is taken down, it might save future targets (who could be you). NationStates is a game and there is no room for a group of elitist bullies.

NationStates is more than a game, however. It is very popular, has a large roleplaying community, has IRC channels, it even has its own wiki. This mafia threatens to end NationStates. NationStates is on a decline, but it is due to a group of elitists taking power?

Who are the members of the NationStates Mafia? So far, many are suspected but the only two confirmed people are Nathicana (NationStates account: Dread Lady Nathicana) and Scolopendra. I will compile a list of people to stay away as they are confirmed NationStates Mafia members. I will use my blog to continually give updates on the NationStates mafia. It may soon become us versus them.

If you have any information on the NationStates Mafia, leave a reply to this blog entry with your email, IM name, or some other method of communicating with you and I will try to mention this information in my blog. Remember, you are needed to bring down this mafia. Read this blog daily or weekly, tell your friends who play NationStates about it, and participate in any way you can to help bring down this "mafia."

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The NationStates Mafia Strikes Again!

Mei_Ikari, who owns many nations under NationStates, one of which is probably a moderator account, has constantly been flaming me on #NationStates. He is probably a member of the NationStates Mafia, mentioned in my last entry. The NationStates Mafia is powerful and has many followers. They single out a victim and then pick on them.

Why do I think that Mei_Ikari is a member of the NationStates Mafia? First, they single out people and then pick on them. They look for the slightest mistakes (Mei_Ikari called Nanakaland a nation without artillary because I didn't have any in my NationStates storefront). Then, they look for ways to drive that person out of NationStates. For me it is constant criticism and for Allanea it was ignoring.

Why would they go after me next? Because I am close to exposing the NationStates Mafia. It exists, despite many people denying it. I have a feeling that Mei_Ikari will not be the only person on IRC, in the forums, or in other places that will start attacking me. It starts small and then it grows large. But I will not leave NationStates for a group of elitist scum.

The NationStates Mafia must be exposed! If you know anyone that plays NationStates, please tell them of this blog and others like it. NationStates is a game. There should be no elitists trying to drive people out of it.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


A fellow NationStateser whose account is named Allanea (and happens to also have a blog) is being ignored by a large number of NationStates roleplayers. Why? Because of a post on the NationStates forums he did himself and later took back. It's probably deeper than that. Much deeper.

Allanea is being ignored by what some call the "NationStates mafia" - a handful of people who are moderators or liked by moderators, who frequent #NationStates (on This NationStates mafia is a handful of privalaged elitists that usually only RP with themselvs. Allanea calls it a clique, but it could be much deeper. This Allanea was disliked by the NationStates mafia and his roleplaying carrer at NationStates was nearly ruined.

Why? They ignored all of his posts and even banned him from #NationStates, the largest NationStates IRC channel. Allanea was an unfortuanate victim of the NationStates mafia. Why does no one else mention it? For fear of what happened to Allanea. Why do I mention it? For hope that one day people will actually believe about this NationStates mafia. Knowing they exist is the first step for equality on NationStates.

Allanea is an above average roleplayer. However, his views on the world and attitude made him an enemy of the NationStates mafia. Now we must count on him to help expose it.

55 Dead in Eight Iraq Suicide Bombings

Do these suicide bombers really think they are going to heaven? I can understand martyrdom sending you to heaven, but killing innocent people via explosives? Is that martyring yourself? You blow yourself up to kill innocents. Is that really martyrdom? And those innocent bistanders probably all had families. Shatter dozens of families and then expect to get into heaven. Craziness.

If you are reading this and really do believe that blowing yourself and others up really gets you into heaven, please leave a comment here. I'd like to talk with you. Perhaps I'm wrong. Though probably not.

Go ahead. Read the news. Then tell me that those "martyrs" deserve to go to heaven.